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RPI Services

Patient Care
  • Image quality evaluation,
  • Entrance-skin-exposure measurements and calculations for comparisons to national trends and for regulatory compliance,
  • Mean glandular dose determination for mammography,
  • Phantom image evaluation,
  • Patient Dosimetry
    • Individual patient dosimetry (in vivo dosimetry) for CT and fluoroscopically guided interventional studies. See Links for the website containing in vivo patient dosimetry details.
    • Fetal dose calculations from diagnostic unit radiation exposure,
    • Organ and fetal dose calculations from radioactive materials,
    • Customized technique chart development using measured entrance-skin exposure data acquired during on-site equipment evaluations,
    • Assistance with reducing repeat procedures.

Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging

Required equipment performance evaluations (state regulations and JACHO) for the following equipment:

  • Radiography,
  • Fluoroscopy,
  • Computed Tomography (CT),
  • Computed Radiography (CR),
  • Mammography (screen-film and digital systems),
  • Lithotripsy,
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging,
  • Dental Radiography,
  • Laser camera evaluation,
  • Reliable documentation,
  • Annual program audits.

Nuclear Medicine
  • License applications,
  • Annual review of Radiation Protection Programs,
  • Annual department audits,
  • Development of Policies and Procedures,
  • PET applications.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Continuing assistance for MQSA/ACR mammography programs,
  • Assist with setting up and monitoring diagnostic quality assurance programs,
  • Assistance with setting up and monitoring processor quality assurance,
  • Assist with JCAHO QC program requirements.

ACR Accreditation
  • Stereotactic Breast,
  • Computed Tomography,
  • Fluoroscopy,
  • MRI,
  • Ultrasound,
  • Nuclear Medicine,
  • Radiation Oncology.

Equipment Selection
  • Equipment purchase specifications,
  • Acceptance testing,
  • Room specifications and design.

Radiation Safety
  • Setting up and evaluating ALARA programs,
  • Departmental radiation safety surveys,
  • Long term area monitoring (environmental surveys) including final analysis and reporting,
  • Room radiation shielding and facility design consultations,
  • Radiation Safety Committee participation,
  • Personnel Dosimetry
    • Personnel monitoring recommendations and data analysis,
    • Fetal monitoring for declared pregnant workers.
  • Audits for regulatory compliance,
  • Radiation protection surveys.

Education and Training
  • AART Accredited Training Courses for Radiation Safety to fulfill state licensing requirements for technologists,
  • Assistance with establishing departmental Operating and Safety Procedures,
  • Assist with establishing and reviewing Radiation Protection Programs,
  • Assist with establishing and reviewing Policies and Procedures,
  • Assistance with MQSA audits,
  • Assistance with JCAHO audits,
  • Assistance with state regulatory inspections.